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This Dday tour from Cherbourg is the perfect option to discover the historic Normandy Landing Beaches.

On the 5th and 6th of June 1944, 3 airborne divisions were dropped on the beaches of Normandy, while 5000 ships, 135 000 men and nearly 20 000 vehicules approached the five landing beaches along a 50 mile stretch of coastline. From June 6 forward, history changes its course on the World political landscape.

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A most remarkable sight the remains of the astounding Mulberry harbor in Arromanches also known as port Winston

Omaha beach where the first assault wave landed. Here you can stand before the Normandy American Cemetery (the first American Cemetery on European soil in World War II) and it’s beautiful Memorial and continue with the walk along the protected and spectacular Pointe du Hoc, the 100 foot high cliffs rising vertically from the channel between Utah and Omaha beaches and scaled on June the 8th 1944 by the intrepid US Army Rangers who fearlessly took the German fortification aspect of the famous operation overlord .

Your tour may also include a visit to the Battery de Longues where half a century later mammoth German artillery still sit, or Sainte Mere Eglise, hailed as one of the first towns to be liberated in France it was made famous by the paratrooper John still and by the film the longest day.

There is no pre-set itinerary, you private guide will customize the tour to your wishes with the time allowed.

Book this Dday tour from Cherbourg.

Discover the American sector

Pointe du Hoc

The scene of the daring raid by the 2nd Battalion US Rangers who scaled the 100 ft cliffs during the opening minutes of the D Day landings.

The scars of the battle can still be seen to this very day. During your visit, you will discover an artillery battery, complete with its firing command post, casemates, shelters.

pointe du hoc dday

Omaha Beach

The site of the heaviest casualties of DDay landed by the US 1st and 29th infantry divisions. In front of them were the bluffs dominated by the German forces in their well entrenched positions and into their sights came the Bedford Boys. The town of Bedford, Virginia, suffered more casulaties per capita than any other town in the US.

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American Cemetery

A chance to pay your respects to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the Battle of Normandy, in the name of freedom. Set in beautifully manicured grounds that overlook Omaha Beach.

You could also spend some time in the Visitor Center where some displays are at your disposal.

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Discover the British sector

German Battery

The site of one of the German gun batteries that surrounded the coast of Hitler’s Fortress Europe. It has three of the guns fired on DDay still in situ as well as Mortar pits and Machine Gun nests.

The site is situated on Gold Beach and is liberated by the 2nd Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment.

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Arromanches les Bains

Liberated by forces from the British 50th Division, Arromanches was one of two sites chosen by the Allies for the creation of the Mulberry Harbours, the all important supply route.

Clearly visible are parts of the creation of the Harbour wall created by the allied engineers in the days after the landings.

port winston normandy
Discover Utah Beach

Utah Beach

The first Beach to be landed on Dday by the American 4th Infantry Division and led ashore by Teddy Roosevelt Jr. They landed in the wrong place but they started the war from here.

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Sainte Mere Eglise

Where it all started for the American forces on Dday as paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division began their jumps into the night not knowing where they would land. Sainte Mere Eglise was a key crossroad town on the main route to Cherbourg and a key objective. Its story is immortalised in the movie the Longest Day.

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