Beurre Bordier the Best Butter in France

Where to eat the best butter in France?

Le Beurre Bordier, the best butter in France 

You plan a trip to Brittany and want to discover its famous butter, known as the « best butter of France » ? You are in the right place ! For us, as proud breton, we definetely recommend the Bordier Butter (Beurre Bordier) that you could easily find in Saint-Malo.

Visit Bordier at the traditional « maison du beurre » (butter house) in Saint-Malo.

When you picture butter, you probably think of a yellow block in a plastic bag. Well, not here. Here, butter is done artisanally. Everything is churned, kneaded, and shaped by hand. This butter is a real part of the breton heritage .

Jean-Yves Bordier, son and grandson of butter and cheese makers, who brought back to France the 19th-century technique of malaxage, using this big wooden wheel to knead the butter. While everyone else would use huge centrifuges to filter out the last remaining drops of buttermilk, butter at the Bordier workshop is flattened by a wooden wheel and worked by hand.

To Jean-Yves, « the malaxage is a more romantic way to make butter ». The malaxage is really what makes Bordier butter so unique.

The malaxage is going to give butter a new life. Dating back to the late 19th century, this tool was first used to rework different butters. It also helps to give butter the desired texture.

After the malaxage, it is necessary to salt the butter (of course we are in Brittany !) using fine salt.

This step is crucial to make sure the butter finally rejects all the leftover water it has in.

The only thing that is left is shaping. And just like the rest, it is all done by hand. Each shape and size is customized.

At the butter house, they work with old techniques, but they are not trying to recreate an old recipe.

Is there only salty butter in the shop of Saint-Malo ?

Jean-Yves Bordier also makes flavored butters, including espelette chili butter, buckwheat butter, vanilla butter, seaweed butter, smoked salt butter, Roscoff onion butter, lemon olive butter, yuzu butter,  and rasperry according to the season. It is just the paradise of butter !

If you come to Saint-Malo are lucky that day, you could find the fancy Butter and Caviar.

And good news, in the « Maison du Beurre », you will find some of the best French cheese, selected, aged and selled by Jean-Yves Bordier.

Recently, we discover an original cheese which is not French. It is na Irish cheese made with Guiness Beer. Deliciously amazing, isn’t it?

Where can you get more information about this butter ?

You will learn more about the passion of Jean-Yves Bordier on the website dedicated. It is in French and English. You will discover all the butters he makes, where to find them. You will find also some tips about cheese, such as how to choose, to serve and to presente your cheese.

Visit Le Beurre Bordier website.

Watch the video below to learn more about the seaweed butter of Jean-Yves Bordier (by Great Big Story)


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