5 good reasons to visit Brittany in France

5 reasons to visit brittany france

You would like to come to France but already visited Paris? There are many attractive places and you don’t know where to go? Discover 5 good reasons to visit Brittany. It is very simple to reach the destination: by plane, by train…and we really recommend you to take the high speed train from Paris to Rennes (it is only 1h30) or Saint-Malo to start your trip.

5 reasons you should come to visit Brittany in France

Come to Brittany for its delicious gastronomy

Do you like crepes, seafood, salted butter, pastries and cookies? You will love the local gastronomy.Thanks to the quality of its products from land and sea, Brittany has plenty to inspire the inventive, passionate local chefs and the area is widely known as a nirvana for all gourmets.

The Ille et Vilaine department is France’s second largest vegetable growing area. markets are filled with potatoes, cauliflowers, artichokes, carrots, leaks, onions, garlic, aoc coco from Paimpol beans. Many farms have on site shop selling their own product.

The seafood platter is one of the highlights of the breton cuisine. It is usually shellfish and crustaceans artistically arranged on a bed of seaweeds. Its composition varies according to the coast and the season but it is always served with bread, salted butter and mayonnaise.

Here is an introduction for a little warm-up :

  • Crepes (French pancakes)
  • Salted butter (the best of France!)
  • Breton cheese made with delicious local milk (cow and goat cheese)
  • Oysters (once again known to be the best of France) and fresh local seafood!
  • Delicious mussels (during the season from June to November)!
  • Typical local buckwheat pancakes (the official dish of Brittany)
  • Best salted caramel (of course it is made with the best salted butter)!
  • Crispy cookies (locally called “galettes bretonnes and palets bretons”)
  • Best lobster (the famous Blue one)  in the world (according to some the best world famous chefs)
  • Excellent apple cider and apple Brandy (Calvados)
  • Large choice of breton beer

Visit Brittany for its stunning landscapes

Brittany has 1700 miles of coastline and it’s France first region most attractive for hiking. Wherever you’re exploring the rugged coast or the interior moorlands of Argoat (name for the hinterland), there’s no escaping the region’s diverse landscapes, fauna and flora. With its sweeping beaches and mystic forests, Brittany is a paradise for lovers of great outdoors.

The coastlines are  very different and it is reflected in their name: Emerald coast, pink granit coast, wild coast, jade coast. If you like to hike, you could walk on the famous GR34 (name of the walkway) and enjoy a healthy and peaceful moment in the nature.

The hinterland, named “Argoat” is also very attractive. Big moorlands, gorse, bloom end heather flourished everywhere. Legendary forests such as Broceliande or Huelgoat will enchanted all the celtic legends lovers.

Choose Brittany for its rich Heritage

Brittany is home of some of the “Most Beautiful Villages of France”, “Town of Art and History, “Little Town of Character” and “Favorite Village of French people” such as Dinan, Saint-Suliac, Locronan, Saint-Malo, Rennes, Vannes, Concarneau, Pont-Aven, Quimper…

It also has the largest concentration of religious monuments in Europe. From majestic cathedrals to incredibly well preserved medieval castles, from sacred fountains to serene abbeys, you will discover a community who weren’t afraid to mix Christian faith with Celtic superstitions.

Brittany is one of the rare region in France where you can still see the remains of medieval architecture with its typical timber framed houses (Vannes, Rennes, Dinan, Quimper and many others). Take a while to sook up the atmosphere of the cobbled streets.

Monet, Matisse, Picasso, Renoir and many great French painters of the 19th century where inspired by Brittany’s lights, colors and changing landscapes. Even the British,Turner visited the beautiful region in 1826. But is was Paul Gauguin who really put Brittany on the world’s map. He settled in Pont-Aven in 1886 and developed his post-Impressionist symbolism style: not representing nature as he saw it but dreaming in front of it.

Writers, comic strip publishers and photographers have also been seduced by the region’s charms and still come to Brittany to get inspiration.

Of course, we could not talk about the heritage without talking about Carnac alignments as the world largest megalith site. It conjures up the same image that the one of Stonehedge, ancient standing stones. Its alignments date from 4500 BC with more than 3000 stones. If you come to Brittany and like stones and celtic heritage, it is a Must See!

Come to Brittany and enjoy Thalassotherapy

Brittany is the birthplace of thalassotherapy, which is the use of sea-water and sea-plants based treatments to improve health and well being.

There are many thalasso centers around the coast including Saint-Malo, Roscoff, Carnac, Dinard, Quiberon. Whether you want to loose weight, relax, give up smoking or find relief from back pain, there’s a treatment package to suit all your needs (including program for men). The Thalasso centers are a great place to detoxify, water jets, marine-mud packs and hydro-massages will soon get you as good as new.

There are also many Spa establishments where you can enjoy relaxing, guilt free face and body treatments in luxurious hotels. You can even stay in one of the “Eco-hotels” (green label) such as La Gree des Landes in La gacilly or La Desirade in Belle Ile en Mer.

Brittany for the sea lovers

In Brittany almost all around the coastline, you can reach different islands. In some of them, cars are not allowed so you can feel like a “Robinson”.

Batz Island

Located at 2 km from Roscoff, the luxurious Batz Island is a little land of 3,5 km long for 1,5 km wide, concentrated of botanical richness. The oceanic climate gives the possibility of a great quality in vegetable growing.  3/4 of the 180 ha are cultivated in Organic Agriculture. You can eat them in most of the local restaurants ! You can enjoy a peaceful moment in the paradisiacal beach with beautiful white sand, a natural hike along the 10 km coastline or visit the gorgeous Georges Delaselle Garden.

Brehat: the Flower Island

It is located at 10 minutes from the Pointe de l’Arcouest in Ploubalzanec. The Gulfstream gives a micro-climate to the island, and help the bloom of roses, passion flowers, eucalyptus, fig trees and honeysuckles.

Belle Ile en Mer

Located at 15 km from Quiberon, it is the second largest island from the Atlantic facade (after Oleron Island).  Its climate pleasant and sunny, attract lovers of nature, fauna and flora well preserved, inspiring landscapes, bike riding, hiking…Many artists such as Monet, Matisse, Russel, Clairin or Sarah Bernhardt spend some time here during their lifetime.




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